Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Space...One of my first frontiers!!!

I'm a huge Star Trek fan.  I love classic & Next Gen best of all, so I guess it's no surprise that I gravitate toward people that are rather geeky.  (I also highly recommend for you fellow Next Gen geeks, Wil Wheaton's Blog.  Absolutely on the top of my blogs Adi follows list.)

For my bestie's birthday 2 years ago, I made a Dell Mini laptop case, which later became his iPad case lol.  There were a few things I had in my head design wise...This first pic was one of them.  First off, it HAD to be Spok blue.  There is no one in my life more Spok like than my bestie, LOL.  I thought it would look really sharp if I could pull off an Enterprise silhouette. 
I LOVED how it turned out, but then...I got the idea to fashion it loosely after the collar of the uniform shirts.  and of course if there was going to be a collar, then there had to be an insignia.  Which sadly meant that the silhouette I had spent so much time hand stitching on, had to go.  =(

The symbol itself wasn't too hard to make.  I looked up the science insignia online, and decided to go with the blue on black as opposed to gold lame' for example...lol.  The insignia was Wonder Under-ed on, but then hand stitched on top.
The inside was just some cool space fabric that I had laying around.  Surprise surprise...I have a lot of space fabric laying around.  That particular fabric is about 10 years old, I couldn't even tell you the maker unfortunately.  The perfect Spok color was actually found in the felt stash, and I did a very simple velcro closure, which seems to have held up quite well thus far.

The construction of the whole project might have been 3 hours just based on my hand stitching.  The pouch itself was very basic, as it was one of my first projects beyond pillow cases.  No boxed corners.  Just simple square pouches, sewn one inside the other with the closure flap sandwiched in the back. 

Because I was on a Star Trek spree at the time, I forged ahead and made my first HUGE laptop case, matching scarf, and iPhone case for  my favorite model of all things I create, Matt.

Same basic design, but his fave is Scottie, so the insignia has the engineering symbol instead of the science symbol.  (Yes that is a talking Gandalf doll in the background, with a map of Middle Earth hanging above him, in my utterly thrashed play room lol.)

Apparently I didn't take uber detailed pics either close up, or inside the laptop case, but the guts are the same as the smaller Spok version, same basic construction.  The cases are both felt, same construction with the insignias, and the scarf is super soft fleece.  And thus, momentarily ended my Star Trek crafting spree.  Matt's laptop case gets an extraordinary amount of use so it will need to be retired soon.  The perfect opportunity for a tutorial on a new geeky version!!

I'm really looking forward to Monday's Big Bang Theory.  Leonard Nimoy is guesting.  He's posted lots of cute pics with the cast on Twitter.  One of my fave tweeters in the Twitterverse!!  He just turned 81 this week, and is quite in touch with his fan base via Twitter, despite not making anymore appearances at cons etc as of last year.  He's really quite an interesting man, I highly recommend following him!!  May he live long and prosper!

Alright, overloaded with geekiness yet?  Hehe.  Thanks for reading & happy crafting!

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