Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our friend, the pin cusion...

When I started sewing again, I lurked at the Martha Stewart website, literally looking at every single craft, and sewing pattern she had.  Not to mention purchasing her books of the same persuasion, and subsequently becoming enchanted with our friend the pin cushion.

Using her tomato pincushion tutorial, I first made this...a slightly under stuffed(not intentionally lol) pirate version of her classic! 

 Then came any fabric that amused me in the slightest, with a more basic design (just varying sized circles running stitched by hand and then tugged into cute little circles of pinned goodness...I promise I was not using rocket science at this stage!)

I love the lady bug fabric.  I'd had it for probably 15 years or more in a plastic tub from a time before my current crafting spurt!

 Then mason jar sewing kits...

Which I made a bajillion versions of for Christmas that year...

And one of my favorite incarnations, made with a tuna can...The sunflower is fashioned after the Plants vs Zombies game.  I just drew the face on and stitched it by hand.  It's not perfect, drawing isn't my strong suit, but I love her just the same. 

(I also included a pic of the PvZ cake I made for my good friend's birthday!!)

 Last but not least, is a felt needle book.  I shaped it like a classic old school coffin, added a cross and red rose button, and some red felt for contrast on the side, al la classic Dracula satin lined coffin...and wah lah!  I love Halloween!

I'm amused to see the geekery underneath the coffin.  Clearly I was working on some Star Trek related craft lololol. 


  1. Is there poison on the tips of the needles. Lol! Very cute! I need a needle holder that is Mickey themed. Love, Mom

  2. The cake is awesome. Must have taken hours. Lucky friend!