Thursday, March 29, 2012

A moment of SQUEEEEEEEE!!!

One of my very most fave blogs on all of the web, is Shiny Happy World .  Wendi Gratz is the blogger behind it all, and she is amazeballs.  Though the site is not exclusive to beginners for either hand or machine stitching, it is hands down THE site I recommend to all my friends who are just starting out, either for themselves or with their kids.  There is something there for everyone.  Patterns for darling projects that are either free or more than reasonably priced, and tutorials for it all.  If there is a pattern on the site, you will find appropriate tutorials for all of the skills you need to complete it.

Wendi loves to see what people make with her patterns, and a little ways back I bought the Bailey Bear pattern from her.  For Valentine's day I made 2 of her sweet little bears.  Well, I shared my geeky versions with her, and much to my OMG SQUEEEEEEEEEE delight, she decided to feature them today!!!  Click here to see the post featuring my versions of her pattern!  /nerddance.  Needless to say I'm just a little excited. 

Shiny Happy World <-----This is the part where I shamelessly plug Wendi's blog.  GO NOW!!  Check it out.  I promise you it's amazing. I havn't posted pics here yet because I want you to go look at her site.   I can't say enough awesome things about it.  =)

Alright!!  That's my post for today!!  Please show Wendi some love!!  And thanks so much for featuring me Wendi!!!  I am positively honored.  <3  SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Happy Crafting Everyone!

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