Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hello and welcome!!

proCRAFTstinator (n) : someone who postpones work on craft projects (especially due to distraction by sparklies or habitual animal snuggling)

Hi!  My name is Adiarra, and I am a proCRAFTstinator.  I have lists of projects/ideas a mile long  taped in various stages all over my laBORatory walls, and piles of incomplete projects, stalled by lack of inspiration or getting distracted by a new idea that I just HAVE to try!  Not to mention the extended breaks I’ve taken from crafting altogether which don’t really help those incomplete stacks decrease in size.

On my 5th birthday I received a learn to stitch kit, and have loved stitching things for special occasions ever since.  The kitty in my profile pic was my first project, and I assure you my abilities have progressed greatly from those early years!

I also grew up watching both my Grams sew, and have periodically become intrigued with learning how to use my sewing machine somewhat proficiently.  My most recent sewing break lasted about...oh...15 years...and was broken about 3 years ago, after an injury left me needing a way to help maintain my sanity, (not that I’m saying I’m completely sane) and rehabilitate my wrists and arms.

My kept sanity has bestowed crafted joy, mostly of the geeky persuasion, upon friends and family, which I plan on sharing with all of you via blogs and tutorials(once I'm up to speed)...Well you know...all of you who actually find me...randomly blogging...somewhere on the interwebs...Be kind!  I have NO idea what I'm doing!!  This will be a learning experience, so constructive criticism and suggestions are welcome.

Welcome to my blog!

Adi the proCRAFTstinator

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