Sunday, March 18, 2012

Here Kitty Kitty...

This was my first stitching project...EVER! It was a gift that I received for a birthday when I was 5.  Mom very patiently sat with me when I started this project, explaining exactly how to do everything I needed to know. I remember feeling very proud when we worked on the first portion of this because "I was sewing stuff" like she and Gram.

Flash forward a couple of weeks or so.  We hadn’t had time to sit and work on it together, so one day I decided that I would do it alone, and make her all proud!  Now as you can see, starting on the bottom right, darker stitches begin to appear.  And though you can’t tell from the pic, those stitches are 6 strands thick as opposed to the designated 3, hehe.  I realized the mistakes after I had finised, but she didn't scold me when I confessed.  She praised me for staying on the lines of my stitches, making sure the knot was on the bottom side of the fabric, and said that the change in color was ok since most cats weren’t all one color anyway.  Aren't Moms awesome?!?! 

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