Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pillow Talk...

Pillowcases were the next passion in my sewing evolution.  I won't bore you with the ridiculous number of them that I made, but I will share a few of my faves.  No personal tutorial here, as there are lots of fantastic tuts already.  Here are 2 links for my faves though, and a link for the million pillow case challenge.

The Crafty Gemini
The Missouri Star Quilt Co
The Million Pillowcase Challenge 

I made one for myself first so I could work out the kinks.  I needed to remember what the heck I was doing, and get back in the swing of things...I'm sorry the pic isn't the best, but the fabric itself is black with little witch hats all over it, an orange swirly accent strip, and then a cute Haloween print with lots of little sayings.

The second one was for my Mama.  She loves The Beatles, and this fabric was SO happy and bright.  She really loved it. The accent strip on this one is magenta with subtle flowers, and then the tail is lady bugs or...beetles!! that matched the bright colors in the band name PERFECTLY!  Usually when I make these, I try to make it capture that person’s personality.  And even though it’s not your run of the mill white pillowcase, my intention is to make an every day useable pillowcase that’s unique and fun.

The next one was for my future sister in law...I love love love love how this one turned out.  This is a much better shot so you can actually see the fabric detail.  The colors just ended up being really fantastic together.

And last but not least, is the one I made for my Aunt Marilynne.  The Wizard of Oz was always one of my faves as a kid.  The accent strip here was a dark floral brown, and the tail has movie scenes all over it.
My Aunt always signs letters, emails etc "Auntie M" and of course if any of you remember the movie..."Oh Auntie Em, there's no place like home..." Which is what the fabric says, with my small personalization.  =)

Feel free to share pillowcases you have made or personalized!  Or email me and I can post them for you. Happy crafting!

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