Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mickey Mouse Bulletin Board Tutorial!!

Alrighty, welcome to the tutorial!!  This is super easy.  Mostly done with mats on hand.  I bought a package of 4 cork board placemats from Ikea for less than $3 a few weeks ago.  I still have another 2 of these that I plan on making into another bulletin board, in an as of yet unimagined theme!!  lol

I had some foam board tossing around, purchased for a poster mounting project gone desperately awry, and because I almost never throw anything away, lol.  I fear being exposed on hoarders one day!

 So I glued the 2 cork boards together with E-6000, placed them on a flat board, put a flat of water on top of it, and let it dry over night.  In the mean time I outlined and cut out the foam board, so I could glue it on the next day.  Then back to the flat board and flat of water on top for another night.

<---You can also see here that I marked the area on the board where I wanted my holes to hang it from.  Dad came up with the fantastic idea of using a leather punch to punch out the holes!

 Using painters tape, I positioned the fabric where it would be glued, then flipped the board over, lined up my trim on top and bottom, and used Aleene's fabric glue to stick it in place.

This is a fabric scrap with Mickey Mouse icons all over it.  My apologies for not knowing who to credit on that, other than the obvious Disney Co.  Clearly any fabric can be used to do this project, but mine would be ending up in a Disney decorated kitchen, so it was PERFECTO!

I didn't use the flat of water that night, but I did let the fabric glue on the trim, dry over night before proceeding.

  Almost done!  I went back to E-6000 and glued the fabric down on the back side, using painters tape to keep it secure...This picture is with it partially glued.  I still had 2 corners to finish.  As I glued, I just used painters tape over the top to hold it in place...and guessed it!!  Back to the board, and flat of water over night!!  lol

 Here we are all glued together, looking sharp.  All that is left to do is cut small slits in the trim (Which is ribbon from Walmart, by the way, by Disney Co.) to pull the black grosgrain ribbon through, which will be used to hang your bulletin board.

This method worked for the materials I used, but this can certainly be altered to whatever method you are using to hang your new masterpiece!!   I debated several methods before deciding on the ribbon. 



And small slits in the back as well of course(both right where you punched your holes which are now masked by the fabric.)


Here it is from the front close up...I also used Fray Check on the slits just to be sure it didn't unravel crazily.  Since it's not going to get a lot of use coming out of or going into those slits, I don't really think it's necessary to do it, but I'm a perfectionist freak sometimes, lol.

And here we are completed, easy peasey!  And I assure you it doesn't take all night for either of the glues to dry.  I was working this into doing other projects as well, which is why it sat over night each time I glued.  I feel confident that one single over night stint with a flat of water or something heavy would be no issue.  hehe.  Just follow the instructions on your glues and you will be fine!!

Thanks bunches for reading, and happy crafting!

<3 Adi

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