Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Cake...

The final touch to Matt's Star Wars Birthday Extravaganza was his surprise Han Solo cake.  I debated for a long time How I was going to attempt it.  First it was a very simple.  Submerge Han Solo in cake and frost it.  Then I decided that wasn't good enough, and started researching others who had paved this path before me.  Since modeling fondant is uber expensive and I had to create this in 2 days, lol...I went the rice crispy treat method!!

Froze it, then wrapped it in fondant, giving texture to pants.  Made a little vest, some minor textures to face with eyes, nose, mouth, hair etc.

His hands were made with fondant and frozen.  It was a lot easier to deal with than I thought it would be.  It was actually kind of fun.  Like play dough lol.

Then I dug a little valley down the middle and placed him in...We ended up making 2 cakes, and pieced it together as one.  It's about a cake and a 3rd long =).  (Made in a 9x13 pan for both)

Then frost!!  I made grey frosting...which is more of a pain in the butt than you might think.  The insanely expensive "black" stuff we got to dye the frosting, ended up a lovely shade of lavender...Needless to say I was REALLY ANNOYED.  At the last minute we actually went to the local grocery store and bought a tube of black frosting intended for writing words or details on a cake.  And wahlah!!  Grey cake frosting.  Easy Peasy...mostly lol.

Happy crafting!!


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