Thursday, July 5, 2012

Purses and Super Heroes!

SQUEE!!  So, I think we all know of my love for Shiny Happy World by now.  I made Mom a cute little zip top purse from a fantastic tutorial on, using an adorable little applique from Shiny Happy World.  "Anywhere Bear". Links below to each!

Here is the front of the purse on the non zip side.  I did a raw edge applique on all of this, and hand stitched the balloon detail and strings.

And here is the back.  Same balloons, and hand stitched details, but this side has the zipper.

Not pictured is the recessed zipper, but let me assure you, it wasn't hard to do.  And I'm a total zipper noob.  They terrify me, and I feel like I'm flying off into the great unknown every time I install one.  lol.  But honest, it was super easy.

The link for the applique and my fave website for newbies, is:   Shiny Happy World

And the fantastic purse tutorial is here:  Craftster.Org - Cross Body Hipster Bag Tutorial to the pin cushions!  

You know I have this fascination for them.  2 of the one's I made (just like those pictured below) are on their way to new homes in Texas, as we speak(or type)!

These were both made from the same pattern as my Eyeball pin cushion, (Dimple Pin Cushion), of course from my fave website, lol.

I had some left over Marvel Super Hero fabric from when I made some appliqued towels this last Christmas, so I fussy cut Spidey and the Hulk, and made 2 super cute pin cushions.  I even weaved a crochet thread web on the Spidey one.  And the Hulk got strategically placed buttons on his biceps, lol.  Both backs are red, tho there are 2 yellow buttons on the back of the Hulk that look a little like Mickey's britches.  lololol.

And there you have it!  That was this last weeks adventures.  Though I am still fussy cutting and making super hero pin cushions with the rest of my scraps, lol.  Thanks for reading!  <3

Happy Crafting!
<3 Adi

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